E-Mail Virus UPS/DHL, etc.

There is an E-Mail Virus going around that masks itself as a message from UPS, DHL or possibly other package delivery carriers informing you they were unable to deliver a package to your address. However, when you click the link to find out more information, a file is triggered which infects your computer.

If you recieve an e-mail telling you it can not deliver a package that you did not order or know nothing about, DELETE IT. Another hint is that the message begins with Dear Sir rather than addressing you by name. It is very easy to fake the sender address to make it appear that it’s coming from a valid address. It’s also easy to copy a company logo from its website and insert it into the scam e-mail to make it appear even more lagitimate. Whenever there is a hyperlink in an e-mail, before you click on it, place your mouse cursor over the link and look at what the real address is. Often it will be something entirely different than what the e-mail claims to be.