Q – Where are you located?
A – DFW, Texas area

Q – How long have you been in the Information Technology (IT) business?
A – 20+ years

Q – Can I manage the website myself or must I rely on you to make changes?
A – Yes, you can manage your website(s) yourself. The members-only private website includes a cPanel where you or your support team can securely access and update the members site at any time. We’re here to help you if there are any questions or can make changes for you if needed.

Q – Can our members pay they dues online?
A – Yes, Members may join or renew their dues using Pay-Pal, Major Credit Card or Checkbook and gain immediate access to the members area. An e-mail is sent to your distribution list, i.e. sales@yourname.org each time an electronic transaction is completed.

Q – If I fill out and submit a support request or live chat with a support engineer, am I legally bound to pay for anything at that time?
A – No, once you fill out and submit a support request, we will contact to to discuss your requirements in greater detail and to agree to the terms of a contract designed to protect both parties.

Q – What if my company has sensitive information that I am unwilling to share?
A – We will sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and we never share ANY information about our customers with anyone outside ExtraHelp.Us